Biotechnology Lab Technician

Inside Biotechnology Lab Technician Studies Biotechnology lab technicians may test DNA, examine cell cultures and splice genes as part of a laboratory's research or product development team. These professionals typically work under the supervision of a more experience lab technician or scientist. Lab technicians are employed by educational service companies, scientific research firms, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Certificate in Biotechnology Students pursuing a certificate in biotechnology learn about human organisms, cell and tissue culture, recombinant molecules and bioinformatic analysis. They also learn proper laboratory procedures for research related to these topics. Typical courses include: Biomedical laboratory science Molecular biology Immunology Protein biotechnology Cell culture techniques Medical virology Popular Career Options Training in biotechnology can prepare individuals for careers working in pharmaceuticals, clinical research and health care. Specific entry-level jobs include: Clinical laboratory technician Laboratory manager Medical product development manager Research technician